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A St. Catharines house remodelled and with an addition added for a Niagara Region homeowner by a St. Catharines Contractor

5 Benefits of Renovating Your Home in 2023

Moving into a new home can be stressful. Arguably, it’s actually one of the most stressful life events that we can go through. So, given the world economic climate at the moment, it’s no surprise that more and more homeowners are remaining in their homes as opposed to buying a new property.

While staying in the same home, we still have needs! We have standards. That’s why more and more folks are improving their houses with remodels, renovations and additions. In fact, Houzz recently conducted a home renovation study and the findings were quite interesting.

Of the 4000 homeowners interviewed, 37% said they had recently completed a home renovation project and 23% said they were planning to.

The number of home renovation and remodel projects is increasing gradually. Will you be diving in and adding to the number of projects being completed?

If you’ve been thinking about it seriously, then here’s the top 5 benefits of renovating your home in 2023.

  • It makes your home sellable. Ha! Yes, we are talking about staying in your home here – however when the dust settles, almost every house gets sold eventually. By upgrading your home and keeping up with the times, you’ll retain value in the spaces that you update – inevitably helping to sell your home easier in the long run.


  • It increases your quality of life. Let’s face it, we only get one trip here. We live our lives and then we pass on. So why should you live another moment in a space that doesn’t inspire you, lift you up and make you feel amazing? Doing a simple renovation – or even a full gut job and whole home remodel can dramatically increase your quality of life, giving you the living space that you deserve.


  • It makes your home more energy efficient. It’s no secret that over the years, the quality and efficiency of building materials has increased tenfold. When you consider reinsulating your home, adding new roofing, changing out the windows and doors as well as any new siding packages that can be added, you’ll be increasing the efficiency of your home. This all adds up to lower monthly energy costs and a greener home. It’s great for the environment, and for your wallet!


  • It helps your kids or future kids. Heaven forbid, if the unimaginable happens – your kids will likely be left on the hook to deal with all of your assets, usually including but not limited to your family home. By keeping your house in the best shape possible, you’ll be setting your kids up for success when they inevitably need to deal with your estate.


  • It’s creative and custom. When you’re renovating or remodelling your space, you get to reimagine the way that you use it, and how you want it to feel. You get to hop in the driver’s seat and finally solve that issue with the lackluster bathroom or inefficient kitchen. You get to design an open concept living space to spend time with your family in – and you get to stand back in admiration when it’s all done and say “Yep, I did that.”


So, when you’re ready to improve your quality of life, and the way your home looks and feels, let’s have a conversation. Here at SteveBuilt, we’re passionate about helping homeowners through the journey of inward and outward change.

We work with our clients to reach the best possible outcomes, with the most effective use of budgets and in the most timely manner possible.

Are you ready to move into your home? Are you ready to change your life for the better?

Let’s talk today.

To your success,

The SteveBuilt Team