A Custom Home Addition Has Never Been Easier

When You’re Working With Niagara’s Highest Rated Contractor Dreams Turn To Reality FAST

Custom Home Additions You Can Trust

When choosing a contractor to trust, you should make sure each trade they bring in licensed quality contractors, so you can count on the work for years to come.

With SteveBuilt the aim is to set the bar at spectacular, meaning, no corners are cut, each detail is kept,  and we make sure we get it done right the first time, even if it means sacrificing a little profit.

Because of this your addition gets completed on time. The entire project rolls smoothly as you have someone keeping you in the loop with the progress.

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The 2% Difference

Growing up I was told a very important life lesson, it still rings true today, here is is…

The extra 2% makes the world of difference..

.. It’s polishing a car after a wash so that the person walking by get’s a glimpse of them-self.

.. Adding that one extra coat of varnish on the timber to make sure it looks absolutely stunning.

The value comes from the little things, that 2%, that makes this an enjoyable experience start to finish.

The little things like cleaning up after every day so you always come home to a clean house, or us talking with you, keeping you posted with every step of the build, you’re never on the sidelines, you know exactly what is going on with your addition each step of the way.

Get more than just a contractor for your addition, get a team that brings that extra 2%.

A Few Past Home Additions In Niagara & St Catharines

My Personal Promise To You

steve built's quality promise stamp

Lots of people never renovate their house because they’re worried about the risk. What if something goes wrong? What if something breaks? What if…

I hate seeing people worry like this when they don’t have to, so here’s my promise:

Here at SteveBuilt we promise you that if we installed it, built it, or worked on it we will back it. Call us with any questions or any problems you may have for the next 10 years and we fix it, that’s my promise to you.

Photo of Steve's Signiture

Our Award Winning Process


The first step to working together is organizing a meeting. During this time we will address the scope of work, identify expectations, the required permits if necessary, and the safety protocols we put in place to maintain a safe and clean home and work space.


Throughout the process we connect with you daily, weekly or monthly depending on the project. We offer text and photo updates for those clients that want to be a part of the moments and progress. Our job is to make your renovation, addition or build an enjoyable one.

Never-ending Quality

We believe in our quality, and we want to show you how much by backing our work with a 10-year workmanship warranty. But you won’t need to worry about the warranty too much, we make sure it is done right the first time.

Fast. Reliable. Quality. It's That Simple

Play Video

We recorded a short video of us completing a custom home addition.

If you’re interested in seeing a few of the people behind the team give it a watch. 

It’s Time To Pull The Trigger

You’ve probably been toying with the idea for months, you’re finally at that point where you can turn your home into the home of your dreams. You’ve levelled up every other part of your life from work, to what you drive and what you wear. Now it is time to level up your house.

Blow everyone away with a home that’s they’ve never seen before, blow them all away with your newly extended home. The first step to that is to click the button below and get in touch with me.

- Steve

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