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Bring Your Dream Home Into Reality In Record Time With Us!

Are You Falling For The Most Common Misconception In The Custom Home Industry?

You’ve probably heard it before… “Oh no, don’t build a custom home, they take YEARS to build”.

And sadly, it is true when you’re working with a lazy, unorganized contractors. When you’re working with other contractors that are unorganized delays start to pop up quickly. 

Imagine, you take a few months just deciding to finally pull the trigger and build your dream home, you find a contractor that can definitely build the house, but suddenly calls start to come in, 1 week delay here, 5 week delay here, another two weeks there. Suddenly your dream home becomes a never-ending nightmare…

But why does that happen?? Well I am going to give you a look behind the curtain. Work is often subcontracted out, but rather than choosing reliable, trusted contractors that do quality work on-time, they will hire the cheapest they can find. You pay for what you get, and you get delays.

Photo of a custom home built in St Cathariens
When you work with the SteveBuilt team you know you’re not just getting the highest quality workers in all of the St Catharine region, but you’re getting a personal level of attention to detail as if we were building a roof over our own heads.
Custom bathroom and kitchen built while building home

How Do I Know That I Am Getting Quality Work?

This is by far the most frequent question I get asked, people always want to know they’re getting quality work. What separates us from any other custom home builders St Catharines? And this is what I tell every single person who asks.

Realistically anyone can build a home you design, we’re surrounded by talented people. But it takes a special type of company that can make your dream come true.

There is a lot more that goes into a custom home beyond construction, you need a team that will:

  • Keep you in the loop
  • Have an attention to detail as if we were building our own home
  • Being someone you can talk to and ask questions
  • Is going to treat you like a real person and not talk down to you

A lot of other contractors seem to forget that we’re not just building a house together, we’re building your dream home. 

The entire process needs to be an experience, and I make sure that from start to finish, every project cruises along like a dream come true.

Some Previous Work In Custom Homes

My Personal Promise To You
steve built's quality promise stamp

Lots of people never renovate their house because they’re worried about the risk. What if something goes wrong? What if something breaks? What if…

I hate seeing people worry like this when they don’t have to, so here’s my promise:

Here at SteveBuilt we promise you that if we installed it, built it, or worked on it we will back it. Call us with any questions or any problems you may have for the next 10 years and we fix it, that’s my promise to you.

Photo of Steve's Signiture
Fast. Reliable. Quality. It's That Simple
Play Video

We recorded a short video of us completing a custom home addition in St Catharines.

If you’re interested in seeing a few of the people behind the team give it a watch. 

Our Award Winning Building Process

Consultation & Planning Of Your Home

The first step of working with us is organizing a meeting where we address the scope of work, identify expectations, the required permits if necessary, and the safety protocols we put in place to maintain a safe and clean home and work space.

Building Your Dream House

Throughout the process we connect with you daily, weekly or monthly depending on the project. We offer text and photo updates for those clients that want to be a part of the moments and progress. Our job is to make your renovation, addition or build an enjoyable one.

Never-Ending Quality

We believe in our quality, and we want to show you how much by backing our work with a 10-year workmanship warranty. But you won’t need to worry about the warranty too much, we make sure it is done right the first time.
It’s Time To Bring That Dream Home To Life

You’ve probably been toying with the idea for months, you’re finally at that point where you can build the custom home of your dreams. You’ve levelled up every other part of your life from work, to what you drive and what you wear. Now it is time to level up your house.

Blow everyone away with a home that’s they’ve never seen before, blow them all away with your custom home. The first step to that is to click the button below and get in touch with me.

- Steve