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Is it Normal to Have My House Documented While a Contractor Works on it?

So, you’ve hired a contractor and they’ll be getting to work on your remodel and addition project in the next couple of months. They then bring to your attention that they’ll be documenting the entire process with a professional videography and photography team.

And you may be wondering to yourself, “is it normal to have my house documented while a contractor works on it?”

Well, the short answer is no – a lot of construction companies don’t do this. But just because it isn’t normal doesn’t mean that it isn’t a great idea – and for some reasons that may surprise you.

Like anything, having a photo and video team regularly document anything can be a costly endeavour. When a construction company tells you that they document their process, it means that they care.

It means that the company invests in itself, and that it’s proud of the work that it does. It means that the contractor is fully transparent about their process, and they take great joy in regularly sharing their daily activities with the general public.

While their intentions are generally marketing forward, there a couple of other benefits that come from the thorough documentation of a project.

Firstly it’s a phenomenal tool for conversations that may happen down the line, whether with inspectors, issues with insurance or with disagreements regarding deliverables and timelines.

Much like the minutes are taken in a court room, everything is documented thoroughly and objectively – which carries with it the truth in the happenings of each and every phase of your project.

Secondly, you gain the benefit of being able to watch a series of cinematic videos and look at some beautiful photos of not only the finished product, but also what’s happening on site every day.

If the company you’re working with is taking photos and making videos of your project regularly, they’re likely sharing it on social media.

You can follow your contractor on Instagram or Facebook and be able to follow along as the project unfolds live.

Seeing something that doesn’t align with the deliverables? Reach out to your contractor and have a conversation about it.

For all of these reasons, here at SteveBuilt we document each and every aspect of our client’s projects. We feel it’s important, and we’re glad that we do it.

We start with true befores, where we photograph and film the spaces in your home that are going to be renovated or remodelled.

From there, our content team comes to site generally every two weeks through each phase of the project. The photos and videos are shared on our social media accounts, and are usually put in a gallery on our website at the end of the project.

Now, if we’ve built a really good relationship with a client and we feel as though it wouldn’t inconvenience them at all – we’ll ask them to do a testimonial with our video team.

In conclusion, if your contractor is wanting to document the building process, then nine times out of ten it’s a dead giveaway that you’re in really good hands. It means that they care about transparency and that they’ll do an amazing job, because their reputation depends on it.

It means that they stand behind the work that they do, and they have no problem with it being thoroughly documented to throw out there to the world.

If you’re curious about the documentation process or if you just have any other general questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out for a chat.


To Your Success, The SteveBuilt Team