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Should I Start Small or Dive Straight into a Whole Home Remodel

If you’ve been living in your home for quite a while, then you’ve been paying down your mortgage as the value of the home has been going up. And you know what that means – more equity in the home.

Now, you can keep it there, and let it continue to grow, or you can pull some of it out and reinvest it back into the home – further growing the value of the home.

Maybe you’ve been thinking about this, and maybe you’ve been wondering where to even begin.

If you’re thinking about doing a whole home remodel, but moving out of your home for 3 – 4 months just isn’t realistic for you right now, then maybe it isn’t the right move – but it doesn’t mean you can’t start.

Maybe you’ve asked yourself should I start small or dive straight into a whole home remodel?

If you want to start remodelling or renovating your home – then you can simply begin anywhere. We’ve seen both sides of the coin. Some folks are in a huge rush. They want to do it all in one clean sweep and get it done.

They do the whole home while they move out for a number of months, and then they move back in when it’s done.

Other times we’ve simply renovated the kitchen and a couple of bathrooms while the homeowners live in the basement.

Other times still, it’s just been the ensuite bathroom or some part of the exterior of the home. Either way, there is no right or wrong answer. The whole idea is that by improving any space in the home, you’re not only improving your life, but also increasing the value in the home.

The beautiful thing is that even if you’re just starting small, say on a powder room or even the kitchen, you can always pick up right where you left off and improve a new area of the home a year or two down the road.

We won’t push you in one direction or the other, and we’ll be sure to guide you through the transaction to make it as easy and enjoyable for you as possible – just ask our numerous happy clients – their testimonials are all over our site.

Today, it can be hard to sift through all of the options for a contractor, and that’s why we document our process so thoroughly. We want our clients and potential new clients to understand our process and to understand what really differentiates SteveBuilt from any other company.

So, give us a call to chat about your options. You’re just one conversation away from a newer, better space.

To Your Success, The SteveBuilt Team