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The Benefits of Working with an Interior Designer on Your Remodel Project

No, it’s not just something from HGTV. There actually are super talented interior designers and interior decorators, working right here in the Niagara Region. And lucky you! You’ve just stumbled upon a contractor who works with them quite regularly.

When you’re deciding that it’s time to take on that remodel project, let me recommend that you should consider working with an interior designer or decorator.

You see, restructuring your space is only one piece of the puzzle when you’re reshaping the way you use your home every day. And sometimes – especially if you have zero interest in design aesthetic – not hiring an interior designer is almost like buying a car, but it has no paint on it, and the interior has no radio or cup holders or other luxuries and necessities.

Or maybe like eating a hot dog in a bun with no condiments on it. I mean, you could – but why would you?

Having a talented interior designer on your project is going to take your project from “glad we did it”, to “I don’t know how we could have gone on without doing it.”

Here’s a few of the benefits of working with an interior designer on your remodel project.

And contrary to popular belief, the interior designer doesn’t just walk in and say “okay, I want this here, and that there. Ditch that couch and bring in the white marble tile.”

An interior designer works with the client, to get the desired end result.

The designer and the homeowner work through the design concepts over and over again – until it’s just right. Then SteveBuilt steps in and brings the vision to life. And the end result is always immaculate.

Now, yes – we have done projects without an interior designer, of course – and not every project requires one – I’m not arguing that they all do, at all.

But what I am sharing with you is that if there is a project that’s, say, a whole home remodel, then it would be wise to bring an interior designer to the table. We’ve found that on these large projects, things can really get away from you.

You’re doing the kitchen, and the living room – and you’re blowing out this wall, and then changing the ensuite and moving around the orientation back in the kitchen again and on and on.

It can become overwhelming rather quickly. So, leave it to the professionals. If you’re curious about what working with an interior designer in tandem with your contractor would look like, then feel free to give us a call to chat about your options!

Look forward to meeting you.

To Your Success – The SteveBuilt Team