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The Customer Experience

The client to contractor interaction is a topic that’s vastly different for every construction company – and you’d be happy to know that we have systems in place that make our working relationship as stress free and easy as possible.

Whether a potential client is taking on a full home remodel or renovation, an addition, or even simply a bathroom or kitchen reno – it’s all the same to us.

Our process always begins with an open line of communication. We go to our clients’ homes and listen to their needs and wants.

SteveBuilt’s top priority is to get a full understanding of our clients specific expectations, and then we take the actions necessary to fulfill the requirements of their project.

Now, in any construction project, there are always going to be changes, unknowns and unpredictable issues that come about. We take pride in the fact that we handle these situations with optimism and kindness.

We love wrapping up a project, and that homeowner gives us their praise and love – and we know that we really helped change the way that these people live in their homes.

But it’s not just the quality of our product that they loved. It was the day to day interactions. It was the challenges that we faced together and came out the other side – better for it.

We do what we can to help all of our clients understand that we aren’t just building their home – we’re building a relationship – one that we hope will last for years to come.

Each family, home and lifestyle have their similarities, but they’re all different. Everyone has their own specific way of living – and we always get to the heart of what each homeowner prioritizes.

We’ve come across stories about issues with past contractors where transactions were made extremely awkward. Clients were pressured into paying at that exact moment, or making quick decisions that could’ve had a little more breathing room.

SteveBuilt never wants anyone to feel that way. With the world being so transactional these days, our clients find it refreshing that we take the family run business approach.

We lay everything out on the table and make sure all the details of your project are agreed upon. SteveBuilt is here to change people’s lives and the way that they live in their homes – not to collect a pay cheque and say “see ya later.”

It brings us such joy in knowing that we poured everything we had into a project, and that the homeowners adore it. The homeowners are going to live in the houses that we revitalize for years to come, making their own memories and living the best lives that they can.

An investment into your home is the most emotional and important thing that you need to think about. So when it comes time to make the decision about who you want creating your dream home, consider SteveBuilt.

We look forward to chatting.

To Your Success, The SteveBuilt Team